Fence Building Videos

Breaking Chains – Building Fences
one dog at a time

Butch’s Video May 2014

Butch is a very sweet dog that no longer has to live on the end of a chain. He is now free to run around his new pen that DOC volunteers built for him, and play with his owner. A very happy day,


Cocoa’s Video September 2014

Cocoa is a very happy dog,  she now has her very own fenced in area! Her fence was sponsored by friend’s of Suzanne for her birthday!

Lady N’s Video April 2014

Enough money for Lady N’s fence was collected and this beautiful, friendly dog got her new home. She has lived on a chain for all of her young life, so you can imagine her joy at getting released into her new home. Actually, you can witness that joy by watching her video. Another heartwarming day for the DOC volunteers.

Sadie’s Video March 2014

Sadie is a very happy dog, now. She has been on a chain for a very long time, and she now has her very own fenced in area. The video shows how happy she is, tossing her new toy around and just reveling in being off of her chain. Such a good dog.

Dingo and Torito’s Video March 2014

Dingo and Torito were two dogs that DOC built fences for a few years ago. But, their owners moved, so DOC built new fences for these very sweet dogs, in order to avoid having them go back on chains. Very happy dogs, as you can see in the video.

Buster’s Video February 2014

What a beautiful, big dog! Buster was very intimidating from a far, but when you approached him, he was as sweet and gentle as could be. He has an owner who really loves him, and was so grateful to DOC for building him a extra large fenced in area, so he can run free and be off that chain. I don’t know who was happier – the owner or Buster.

Rambo’s Video January 2014

Rambo has been waiting patiently, and he finally got his fenced in area – getting him off of the chain he has been living on. A very sweet dog, Rambo shows how happy he is to be free in the video of his fence build and his release. He gets a new lease on life.

Lacy’s Video December 2013

On a cold, rainy December morning, the DOC volunteers came and built sweet Lacy her new home. She was very affectionate with everyone, and was very appreciative, as can be seen when she gets released into her new home. No more chain for sweet Lacy.

Nika and Pinky’s Video November 2013

Two very happy dogs, got their fenced in areas today. Sponsored by numerous people, their fences were a very welcome home to both of them. Watch the video and see them enjoy being off of their chains. No more dragging it around and being constantly restrained.

Huddlebuck, Shiloh, and Milo’s Video October 2013

These are three great dogs, that were very much in need of fenced in areas so they could run around and not be dragging that huge chain they all had. They were very sweet, and very affectionate dogs – as you can see from the video. Thank you – ASPCA – for fully sponsoring these dogs fences.

Maggie’s Video October 2013

Maggie is a very happy dog, now – in her new extra large fenced in area. She was fully sponsored by our wonderful partners in freeing of dogs living on chains – the ASPCA. We are so grateful to them for helping us free so many dogs. Watch the video and see what a happy dog looks like in a new home – permanently released from her chain.

Princess, Sparky, and Thrasher’s Video September 2013

Princess, Sparky, and Thrasher are three very grateful dogs. They all got their fenced in areas and got off of those terrible chains. They were very happy, and behaved like different dogs compared to how they were on the chains. Thank you – ASPCA for totally sponsoring this build!

Walker Dogs – Biogen Volunteers Video September 2013

The Biogen Idec company chose Dogs Off Chains to be one of their yearly community projects. And, they showed up in force to help DOC build four fenced in areas for four very sweet dogs – Suzie, Lela, Bonnie, and Miss B. No more chains for any of those dogs, and the video shows how happy they all were to get off of those heavy chains.

Bawoo’s and Sparkplug’s Video August 2013

Bawoo and Sparkplug are two very grateful dogs, right now. Bawoo is a good-natured, beautiful dog who now lives in a large fenced in area, instead of on a chain. Sparkplug is an adorable, smaller sweet dog who also is enjoying not dragging around that chain anymore, every step she takes.

Blackie’s Video August 2013

Blackie lived on a chain all of his young life, until DOC found about him. We built him a very nice fenced in area, in a grove of trees where he has shade and is close to his owner, who loves him very much. He was very excited, as you can see on the video. Another great dog, getting a new lease on life.

Dixie’s Video July 2013

Dixie is a very sweet , beautiful dog with sky blue eyes, and was living on a chain with her new puppies. Watch her excitement when she gets off the chain and released into her new home. She is one very happy dog, now.

West Dogs Video June 2013

This is the video of 7 dogs, known as the West dogs. It was DOC’s largest build to date. We put up 7 fenced in areas – all 400 sq ft each, one for each dog. They are a very sweet bunch of dogs – all had been living on chains – and quite a variety as you will see in the video. They are all so happy now and so glad to be off of those chains forever.

Big Boy and Little Boy’s Video June 2013

This is the story of two beautiful young pit bulls that were litter mates. They have been living on a chain – separated, for their whole young life. (they are 3 years old) Today, was the beginning of a new life for them, in a double fenced in area with a door in the middle so they can play together all day, and have plenty of room to run. They were so happy!

Kosher’s Video April 2013

Kosher is a very sweet dog, that recently had two puppies – living on a chain. She was so happy to get off of that chain, and to be free within her new fenced in area with her two puppies. Watch them play and enjoy being unchained.

Bandit’s Video April 2013

Bandit looks so content at the end of the video of her fence build, when she finally lays down and just absorbs the fact that she is no longer on her chain. Bandit lived on a very heavy chain for 8 years, and did not know life without having that weight always on her neck. Watch her enjoy being free – finally – in this very heart-warming video.

Kirby’s Video March 2013

Kirby is a very sweet dachshund, who needed a fence in order to get off of his chain he lived on. We built a 4 foot fence, since he is so small, and he really raced around in sheer enjoyment when we finished his new home and let him explore it for the first time. It certainly gives him plenty of room, as you can see in the video.

Toby’s Video February 2013

Here is a dog, Toby, who was almost unapproachable when tied on his chain ( which was 24/7 ) due to fear. But, the minute he was released into his new fenced in area, he literally became a different dog! He was very friendly, affectionate, easy to approach and pet. All because he was no longer trapped on his chain. Watch his video and see what a happy dog he is now.

Buddy Saint’s Video February 2013

Buddy Saint is a very affectionate and sweet St. Bernard mix. He just got his 500 sq ft fenced in area, and he is now off of his chain forever. No more dragging around a very heavy chain, and no longer being venerable to anything coming out of the woods by his house. He is very happy, and very content.

Brownie’s Video January 2013

Well, Brownie got her fence adjoining her friend Bullett! She is a very calm, sweet, and affectionate dog, who until we put up her fence was not safe at night since she was out loose. But, now she has her own safe fenced in area, and a door between her and Bullett, so they can be together whenever they want. You can see in the video how content a dog Brownie is now.

Diamond W’s Video January 2013

Diamond W came home after being spayed – to her new home. She waited patiently in the car while DOC volunteers built her new fence and got it all ready for her. The DOC volunteers tried to not get her too excited since she had just been spayed – but you could tell she was one happy dog!

Rock’s Video January 2013

This is one happy dog! You need to watch the joyous release of Rock when he was let into his new home, and finally off of that chain! He is really going to enjoy his new home that DOC’s wonderful donors and volunteers put up for him. It’s always rewarding to see a dog who is freed from a life on a chain, celebrate his freedom.

Annabelle and Diamond’s Video December 2012

Annabelle and Diamond got new homes consisting of adjoining 20′ x 20′ fenced in areas. They are two very sweet dogs that will really appreciate their new homes. No more jumping up in mid air to be pulled back by his chain for Diamond, and no more Annabelle dragging her chain around and dumping her food. They are free and happy dogs.

Bullett’s Video December 2012

Bullett got his fence this month getting him off of the chain he was living on. He was a very happy boy when he finally got into his new home. He has lots of room now to run without that dreaded jerk coming at the end due to a chain. His new friend Brownie, will be getting an adjoining fence as soon as she gets sponsored – and they will be able to play together in the safety of a double sized fence.

Patches Video November 2012

Patches is a very handsome dog, who has been living on a chain in Chatham county. DOC volunteers heard of Patches, paid to have him neutered, and then built him a wonderful fenced in area to run around in. What a happy dog, now!

Smokey and Foxy’s Video November 2012

Smokey and Foxy were our second set of dogs whose fence was sponsored by a grant from the ASPCA. They really loved getting off of their chains and each having their own fenced in area. Two more very happy dogs – free from their chains!


Lulu and her puppies Video – October 2012

DOC was able to build a fence for sweet Lulu and her three adorable puppies with fencing that was donated by a person who no longer needed her large dog pen. Lulu is now safely inside a very nice fenced in area with her three puppies keeping them all safe and getting Lulu off of the chain she has been living on.

Queenie and Buddy’s Video October, 2012

Queenie and Buddy were sponsored by a grant from the ASPCA. They are both very sweet dogs, and the video shows how very happy they were to finally get off of their chains. They raced and raced and raced around their new 1000 sq ft home. What a joy to witness. Thanks , ASPCA.

JoJo’s Video September, 2012

JoJo is one happy little dog! He is one of the smaller dogs we have rescued from a life on the end of a chain, but he is very big in heart! He went from a fairly fearful dog on the end of a chain, to a very happy dog – free- bounding around his new pen.

Chi Chi’s Video September, 2012

Chi Chi has had a history with DOC, since we have been taking care of her and her puppies for some time now. But, she finally got her full size fenced in area for her and her two puppies! They are adorable, and Chi Chi is as sweet as ever.


Chaan’s Video August 2012

Chaan is a very friendly dog that was more interested in being loved than chasing the ball in her new fenced in area. What a genuinely sweet dog. Way to go, Chaan- you are free.

BJ’s Video August 2012

BJ is a very happy puppy to be free from his chain! Watch him in the video as he really enjoys no longer dragging his chain around. What a joy to witness and be a part of.

Porky, Tigger, Brindle’s Video: July 2012

These three dogs, Porky, Tigger, and Brindle have been waiting patiently for their triple fence and it finally happened for them. They are all very sweet dogs, and really loved their new homes. No more chains for any of them. What a sight to witness.

Bo & Chance’s Video: June 2012

Two very sweet and deserving dogs, Bo and Chance got their double fence built by a very large group of eager volunteers. They were very happy and loved being free from their chains, as well as being able to be with each other.

Desotto’s Video: June 2012

Desotto started off a little shy when the DOC volunteers began arriving, but he quickly warmed up to everyone. And, see what a happy dog he was when he finally got into his new home.

Peter’s Video: June 2012

Adorable Peter got her fence! She is such a sweet dog who now will be able to live her life free from dragging around a chain every time she moves. No dog deserved it more than her. Way to go, Peter!

Kane’s Video: May 2012

Kane was very friendly with everyone from the beginning of the fence build. Once he got into his new home, he quickly began to realize he was free – no chain was attached! And, he was a very happy dog!

Tiger and Smoochy’s Video: April 2012

Tiger and Smoochy were two very happy dogs when they got into their new homes. DOC built two fenced-in areas adjacent but separate for these two very sweet and deserving dogs. It was a rainy and cold day, but a very heart-warming one for the volunteers when they saw these dogs released.

Midnight’s Video: March 2012

Midnight was hesitant at first with all the DOC volunteers that arrived to build her fence, but she quickly warmed up to everyone – and loved her fence.

Foxy’s Video: Feb 2012

DOC first met Foxy when she was weaning a litter of pups. Her pups all found great homes (see their pics at the end of the video). Watch the amazing team of DOC volunteers build this sweet girl a fence.

Star and Smutt’s Video: Jan 2012

Our first fence build of the year was for 2 sweet puppy boys, Star and Smutt. DOC volunteers donate their time and labor to build fences for a lot of wonderful dogs. And these two puppies stole our hearts. You’ll see why.

Scooby’s Video: Dec 2011

Scooby is an adorable little guy who was very hyper having to live at the end of a chain. When his owner called us, he were anxious to help us build the fence and he also helped us pay for the materials. It was a win-win for all!

Moe’s Video: Nov 2011

When DOC first met Moe, he didn’t seem to like anybody very much. But after he got to know us and was released into his fence? Wow! What a change!

Precious’ Video: Oct 2011

Precious is a gorgeous puppy who just loves everybody. But, like most puppies, she was very keyed up on that chain and just wore herself out. Now, she can run run run! Beautiful to see!

Trigger’s Video: Sep 2011

DOC volunteers met Trigger when he was living his life in a 10 x 10 foot pen. He couldn’t move around much at all. Well, look at him now!

Betty & Lucky’s Video: Aug 2011

DOC volunteers donated their time to build a larger kennel for Betty and Lucky. They were living in a 10×10 foot enclosure for their first 4 years. Watch the heartwarming story.

Gracie’s Video: July 2011

DOC volunteers donated their time to build a fence for Gracie – a rescue pittie adopted by an animal angel, Miss Barbara. Gracie needed a little “rest” area where her human momma could let her outside to relieve herself.

Truth and Lucky Video: July 2011

Truth and Lucky, after many years of life on a chain, were freed in July of 2011. They were just beside themselves…and so were we.